History and values

Our city, Goiânia, has always been in the heart of who visits is, because of it’s remarkable hospitality and contagious energy. With this very same personality, the Odontology here is known by it’s living pulse and constant technical and scientific evolution, always giving positive examples to the ones who love good practices. Given this context we idealized a Specialization level course in Dentistry, that treats the patient in a integral way.

In 2009, during the 15º International Odontology Congress of Goiás, the Team Dentística was given born, establishing its activities from the early 2010. The vision and competency of Prof. Luiz Narciso Baratieri lead to a group reunion towards a same goal: Paula Cardoso, Lúcio Monteiro, Rafael Decurcio, Limírio de Oliveira Júnior e Altamiro Flávio Pacheco.

By 2010 the Specialization Course debuted it’s first class and in order to keep the high standards at the clinical activities the professor Maria Geovânia Ferreira was invited to join the team.

From this first initiative other clinical courses came to life, like the course on Ceramic Veneers, so highly demanded at the time. It had a exclusive approach, by giving the students the ability to apply the technique on patients.

In 2012, the former student Marcus Vinícius Perillo was joined to the team, after demonstrating it’s unusual dedication and remarkable results at his studies.

And we keep growing since then, summing individual personalities in each professional field, of each professor, making the Restorative Dentistry something beyond the obvious, something that transforms patient’s lifes and stimulates students to do everything, from simple to complex, always striving to do it best, with LOVE for the Odontology.

These personalities and their unmeasured love by Odontology set a amazing energy, that stimulates daily transformations to everyone involved in the teaching/learning process: teachers, students and patients.

This process gives the students the opportunity to acquire a different look over their profession, leading them to work with higher technical quality, achieving magic smiles that restores patients self-steem.