A Harmonious Smile with Minimal Biological Costs

The Importance of Light Substrates for “Contact Lens” Porcelain Veneers

Publicado em 24-06-2015

Rafael Almeida Decurcio, Paula de Carvalho Cardoso, Ana Paula Rodrigues de Magalhães, Eduardo Mederiro
ceramics, bleaching, esthetics, minimally invasive dentistry, minimal and no-preparation restorations, veneers


This article presents an esthetic rehabilitation with “contact lens” porcelain veneers in a young woman with an unesthetic smile due to significant tooth darkening, vestibularization of upper canines, diastemas, and discrete
lingualization of the upper central and lateral incisors. The rehabilitation consisted of in-office and at-home bleaching, followed by the placement of ultra-fine veneers. It can be concluded that previous dental whitening can be
considered a conservative treatment since “contact lens” porcelain veneers can be carried out with minimal or no preparation in naturally darkened teeth. The results show a harmonious smile with minimal biological costs.