Late discolouration of root-treated teeth and subsequent restorative retreatment

three case reports

Publicado em 12-10-2021

Paula de Carvalho Cardoso; Gustavo Silva Chaves; Daniel de Almeida Decurcio; Rafael de Almeida Decurcio; Giampiero Rossi-Fedele; Ana Paula Rodrigues de Magalhães


Root-filled teeth that receive ceramic veneers may experience subsequent coronal discolouration, which will likely negatively affect the quality of life of patients and their relationship with the clinician. This manuscript describes three cases of this undesirable aesthetic consequence in anterior teeth of young patients and the subsequent restorative reintervention, with satisfactory results. In all three reports, the root canal filling was performed using cements containing bismuth oxide that likely disassociated into reduced metallic crystals when in contact with LED light. The discolouration observed after veneer cementation was most likely caused by the accumulation of these bismuth metallic crystals. These cases highlight the importance of preventing this undesirable complication, which may also result in the potential subsequent further sacrifice of sound coronal dental structure, and the role of recall in aesthetically demanding clinical cases.